JanWay has a talented in-house graphic design staff and can help make your artwork production ready.


Supplying your art via e-mail:  

JanWay is PC based.  We prefer files created using vector based programs such as: 

Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, .pdf)

Corel Draw (saved as .eps only)

Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .tif, .eps)

InDesign (.pdf)

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Convert all fonts to curves, outlines or paths.  Supply names of fonts used.

Graphics should be at least 300 resolution.  Include all linked graphics such as TIFF or EPS files.


Raster vs Vector Art 


 What is a vector graphic? 

Vector graphics are commonly associated with .EPS and .AI (Adobe Illustrator). Vector images use X and Y coordinates to create shapes with points and lines, making it easy to scale the image without degrading the image quality. 


Why does the logo look stretched or squashed when I resize it? 

If you are using a program like Adobe Photoshop and you click Edit > Transform > Scale, then you must hold the SHIFT key + click and drag the corner for the graphic to resize proportionally. If you are using a program like Microsoft Paint to resize, then make sure the box "Maintain aspect ratio" is clicked before changing the pixels or percentage of the width or height 


Why does the logo look small and low quality on my print materials? 

It could be that a .PNG logo is inserted into your document instead of the .JPG (for print). Double check the download and insert again. 


Why does the logo look blurry and pixelated after resizing many times? 

If you are using a .JPG and you are resizing and saving several times, it will degrade the quality of the image even if you resize it back to the original size. Each time a .jpg is resized and saved

it loses digital information during file compression. Best practice is to resize the image once from the original size and save.